Interim Data Checks Service to OBPs

SecurMed UK is aware that some OBPs have not always received a final response from the EU HUB stating that data has been uploaded successfully or not – If a call back is not received or a Distribution Failure message is received. This gap in information may cause a delay in batch release.

For the duration of the current situation if there is an urgent need to confirm data upload to the UK system for batch release purposes, SecurMed UK can offer an additional, interim data check service to OBPs.

Please contact SecurMed by Email;

  • Send SecurMed UK details of the data loaded: Product Number (GTIN), Batch Number, Expiry Date and number of packs loaded.
  • Serial numbers should only be provided where the MAH/OBP wishes a verification to be performed by SecurMed UK and policies allow this.
  • MAHs and OBPs should be aware Alerts may be created as a result of this check by SecurMed UK.

Requests to access data using this route will be deemed as providing written agreement for SecurMed UK to access the specified data as required under Article 38 (2) of the Delegated Regulation 2016/161.