How does bulk registration for multiple locations work in the concentrator model?

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Each location must be identifiable within the UK NMVS.

Bulk files can contain 1 or more locations from 1 or more legal entities. The credentials will be returned by an email to the requestor and a letter to the location (for each entry) as the standard process.

To qualify for non-standard the following two conditions must be met: 1/The file is for a single legal entity 2/The file has 6 or more locations. The result of which is that (subject to the approval from a suitable representative of the legal entity) the credentials can be sent back as 2 separate emails rather than multiple emails and postal letters. Example for clarity: A file has 10 locations, 6 of which are for the same legal entity. We will not process 4 as standard and 6 as non-standard – they are all processed as standard.