I have received my credentials from SecurMed UK and installed the certificate but I am now having a problem logging onto my FMD software. What should I do?

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The initial credentials issued by SecurMed UK are:

  • A TAN code – required to download your certificate
  • Your UK MVS username and your initial password. Your initial password will be changed the first time you logon to the UK MVS (you will be prompted to do this)

SecurMed UK have created some simple to follow video guides to help you download and install your certificate correctly and to logon to the UK MVS for the first time. You can find them here :www.securmed.org.uk/quick-start-guide/

Your software supplier may have completed this activity on your behalf.

If you have successfully logged onto the system for the first time and are now having a problem logging onto your FMD software, please contact your Software Supplier in the first instance.