Our GP Practice has a main practice surgery and a number of branch surgeries. Which do I need to register?

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If you are unsure if your Practice should register as one location or more than one location, you should seek guidance from the National Competent Authority (NCA). The NCA can be contacted via FMD.safetyfeatures@MHRA.gov.uk.

SecurMed UK is obligated under the regulation to verify that the location you are registering is legitimate. We will therefore provide credentials for a location if the specific location is registered by a professional/sectoral registration bodiy (namely GPhC, CQC, EudraGMDP, HIW, PSNI etc).

You may find that applying the same logic used when you register with the appropriate professional/sectoral bodies will help determine how to register with SecurMed.

Please note, if you have a wholesaler license and a pharmacy at your location, you will require separate access for each and should register both functions.