Scanner Configuration Issues

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Intended Audience: End-Users and Software Suppliers

Date of Change: 12 December 2019

Situation: Scanners are sometimes not set up (configured) correctly to enable 2D barcodes for FMD to be scanned accurately. Errors caused by incorrect scanner setup which are submitted via software solution to the NMVS generate unnecessary exceptions and alerts.

Background: The four elements (GTIN, Batch ID, Expiry Date and Serial Number) encoded in the 2D barcode on the pack must be submitted correctly so that they exactly match what has been uploaded. Four scanner configuration issues are reported regularly to our Service Desk:

  1. Case Sensitivity
    Upper and Lower case characters are transposed.
  2. Language
    Incorrect characters are passed through to software/NMVS.
    Set correct language for user location – ‘ENGLISH for UK’.
  3. Character Set
    Incorrect characters are passed through to software/NMVS.
    Set correct ‘ASCII’ character set – ‘GS1 Standard’.
  4. Inverted Barcodes (White on Black)
    Barcodes cannot be read by scanner or are read incorrectly.

End Users who are unsure about how to setup and configure their scanner correctly, whether for initial setup or to correct any of the issues noted above, should contact their software supplier for help and advice.

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