National Health Registration Number (AMPP) – Mandatory for the UK

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The National Health Registration Number (NHRN) field will be enforced for upload of Product Master Data to the UK MVS. A technical change to the EU Hub is to be implemented during H2 2019. From that time, Onboarding Partners (OBP) will be required to upload the NHRN (AMPP) in the Master Data for products marketed in the UK.

MAHs marketing products with existing AMPP codes should add the relevant AMPP code to the Master Data dataset for new Master Data uploads.

MAHs marketing products that have not yet been assigned an AMPP code should apply for a new AMPP code by contacting the dm+d via email: or telephone: +44(0)191 203 5289.

Further guidance notes and instructions can be found in the Technical Bulletin.