MVS Roadmap 2019

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Intended Audience: End-Users and Software Suppliers

Date of Change: 02 September 2019

Situation: The Roadmap for the various components of the EMVS continues to develop and there have been several releases through the course of 2019 for the UK MVS with further improvements planned before year end. This bulletin is to provide advance warning to End-users and, specifically, their software providers, such that they can make effective preparations.


The UK MVS will continue to be upgraded during the closing months of 2019 to:

  • Complete development work deferred from the development phase
  • Enhance and stabilise the Core system such that SecurMed UK (the NMVO for the UK) can more effectively operate the system and appropriately monitor system performance
  • Provide new reporting functionality such that SecurMed UK and National Competent Authorities are better able to monitor the system for possible incidents of falsifications.

Summer 2019 – Arvato NMVS Core R1.04 and Reporting R1.01 were deployed in August. This release provided fixes to some defects and operability improvements to the NMVOs and was not generally End-user relevant.

December 2019 – Arvato NMVS Core R1.06 release will make some improvements available to the End-user so will be End-user relevant. With this release, version 2 of the MVS interface will be retired and a new interface version, v4, will be deployed.


  1. Current software solutions still using the v2 interface MUST be upgraded to v3 as soon as possible, as they will no longer function when NMVS Core R1.06 is deployed in December.
  2. Software providers should plan to develop their software from Q4 2019 and migrate End-users to an up-versioned interface (v4) over the subsequent 6-12 months.
  3. Software providers should monitor the NMVS Software Supplier Portal for changes to the SDK, the SecurMed UK website and the EMVO website
  4. Software Providers (and others) can subscribe to the EMVS Information service (EVI) at where they will be notified of any planned downtime (or other service degradation).
    Note: A stepwise process of development must be employed. It is NOT be possible to skip an interface version i.e. v2 >> v4, as the NMVS only supports two concurrent interface versions.

Looking Ahead:

Further improvements are in development for Arvato NMVS Core R1.07 planned for April 2020 and R1.08 planned for ‘Autumn’ 2020.
Note: SolidSoft Reply will deploy their SSR NMVS R6 shortly aligned to an EU Hub release (R1.6).

Click to download a printable pdf copy of our Technical bulletin.