What is the certificate renewal process?

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Certificate Expiry
Certificates are valid for two years

Automatic Creation of New Certificate
30 days before the expiry date of a valid certificate, a new certificate will automatically be generated by the NMVS and stored ready for retrieval.

Notification of New Certificate
Notification of the new certificate will be delivered by email to the end user location, to the NMVS contact that was defined for the end user location during registration. The email will contain a one-time TAN to access the certificate.

Retrieval of the Certificate
The certificate can be retrieved either in the UK MVS web GUI or via the web services interface.
The certificate can be retrieved and used immediately it has been created 30 days prior to the expiry of the existing certificate.
The certificate will be stored on the certificate server for 60 days.

Collecting the Certificate – Web GUI
Log on to the certificate server web GUI using the URL in the notification email. Select Certificate Download from the menu and enter the TAN from the notification email. Record the certificate passphrase and download the certificate.

Collecting the Certificate – Web Services (SOAP)
Execute process G615 using the TAN supplied in the notification email.

In both cases, the TAN will approve validity of the request. The NMVS provides a response consisting of a passphrase protected PKCS#12 container holding the user certificate, the user’s key-pair as well as the root CA.